Anastasia Anashkina, Moscow (Russia)

A new paradigm of protein structural organization

Pavle Andjus, Belgrade (Serbia)

Calcium signalling in health and disease

Ivana Antonijevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

The crystallographic and quantum-chemical analysis of S....S interactions between cysteine residue

Milos Beljanski, Belgrade (Serbia)


Svetlana Bojic, Belgrade (Serbia)

On Semi-supervised Methods for Predicting Patient Survival from Gene Expression Data

Vladimir Cadez, Belgrade (Serbia)

Cognition as a Dynamical System: Mathematical Modelling

Michele Caselle, Torino (Italy)

The role and functions of microRNA-mediated circuits in the human regulatory network

Radu Constantinescu, Craiova (Romania)

Modeling neural flow through linearization procedures

Magdalena Djordjevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Modeling of bacterial immune systems: processing of CRISPR transcripts

Marko Djordjevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Transcription start site identification in bacteria: a modeling approach

Branko Dragovich, Belgrade (Serbia)

Ultrametricity in Bioinformation Systems

Branislava Gemovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Can we use standard tools to predict functional effects of point variations outside conserved domains? TET2 example

Jelena Guzina, Belgrade (Serbia)

Bioinformatics analysis of gene-expression strategies of bacterial viruses

Lajos Kalmar, Budapest (Hungary)

Functional dissection of a disordered plant chaperone ERD14

Janos Kertezs*, Budapest (Hungary)


Andrei Khrennikov*, Vaxjo (Sweden)


Jovana Kovacevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

On protein function prediction methods

Sergei Kozyrev*, Moscow (Russia)


Claire Lesieur, St Julien en Genevoix, (France)

Protein subunit association: a social network

Dusan Malenov, Belgrade (Serbia)

Interactions of water with protein aromatic residues - ab initio study on model compounds

Milos Milovanovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Self-organization as a Processing of Hidden Causal Information

Nenad Mitic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Determining correlation of T-cell epitope location and order/disorder protein structure

Natasa Misic, Belgrade (Serbia)

From the Genetic Code to Fractional Systems/Control

Mihajlo Mudrinic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Local protein structure prediction by Bayesian probabilistic approach principle

Zoran Obradovic, Temple (USA)

Machine Learning Methods for Optimization of Sepsis Therapy and Drug Repositioning

Radmila Panajotovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Radiation Effects of Slow Electrons on Biomoleculs - Where Do Experiment and Theory Meet

Gordana Pavlovic-Lazetic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Mining associations for organism characteristics in prokaryotes - an integrative approach

Sergey Petoukhov, Moscow (Russia)

Matrix genetics: algebra of projection operators, cyclic groups and inherited ensembles of biological cycles

Natasa Przulj, London (UK)

Mining real-world networks: from biology to economics

Miloje Rakocevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Golden and Harmonic Mean in the Genetic Code

Miljko Sataric, Belgrade (Serbia)


Dusanka Savic Pavicevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

From genotype to phenotype: in silico modeling of serotonergic system

Paul Sorba, Annecy (France)

Codon-Anticodon Interaction and Genetic Code Evolution

Ana Stanojevic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Bifurcation analysis of HPA axis dynamic states under cholesterol regulation

Sasa Svikovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

From genotype to phenotype: in silico modelling of serotonergic system

Nenad Svrakic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Genomic analysis of complex phenotypes

Bosiljka Tadic, Ljubljana (Slovenia)

Online Social Networks: The Structure of Emotional Dialogs

Brunello Tirozzi, Rome (Italy)

Memory mechanisms of hippocampus and pattern organization

Alessandro Treves, Trieste (Italy)

Self-organizing non-Euclidean representations in the brain

Edward Trifonov, Haifa (Israel)

1. Genome and language - two scripts of heredity.

2. Simple physics and bioinformatics of nucleosome positioning.

Dusan Veljkovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Different statistical methods for calculations of amino acid propensities toward certain secondary protein structure types.

Igor Volovich*, Moscow (Russia)


Slobodan Zdravkovic, Belgrade (Serbia)

Kink solitons and breathers in microtubules

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