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How to get to Belgrade

By plane

Nikola Tesla Airport is connected via regular routes to nearly 40 destinations worldwide. The national air transport company is Jat Airways, along with numerous international air carriers. The Nikola Tesla airport is located in Surčin, only 18 km from Belgrade city centre.

We will organize the welcome and transport of participants depending on their arrival times. For those who would like to find their own way to the hotel or conference site, here are the instructions:

From the airport to the city center -

The easiest way to get to your hotel from the airport is to take a taxi. Please check the price list and the list of TAXI providers: link . You can simply go to the International Departures exit, and from there call for example 'Lux Taxi' at the number +381 11 303 3123. The average price is approximately 1,200 Dinars (10 Euros).

Another option is to take the airport bus (Mini bus line A1) which stops in front of the airport. That bus goes regularly and its last stop is at the Slavija square, near the city center, from where you can take a taxi or a trolley-bus to get to your hotel. If you your luggage is not too heavy, and your hotel is in the city center, it will be an easy walk.

Mini bus linе A1 Route:

Direction A: Slavija Square - Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport

Direction B: Belgrade "Nikola Tesla" Airport - Slavija Square

Bus route maps and timetables can be downloaded from here. Ticket price: 250 RSD (~ 2.1 EUR; tickets can be purchased in the bus). Approximate travel time: 30 minutes.

Yet another possibility is to take a city bus. Bus 72 takes you from the airport to the place called "Zeleni Venac" in the city center. From there you can easily walk to your hotel, though you may need to ask for direction. Ticket price is 120 RSD (around 1.00 Euro; tickets can be bought from the driver or in the general store.kiosk).

If you are not sure about directions, besides the google map please advise also interactive map of Belgrade and Serbia .

By car

Foreign drivers in Serbia should have a valid international driving license and an international insurance. The two main international roads going through Belgrade are the E-70 and the E-75. They are in relatively good conditions but you will have to pay on several pay tolls to Belgrade. Meanwhile local roads may lack of sufficient road signs so it is better to bring always a detailed map with you. Speed limits are in accordance with international standards (e.g. on a highway the maximum speed is 120km/hour) and the alcohol limit is 0.5 ml.

By train

Belgrade Central Railway Station is centrally located and offers a well developed network of railways that connects Serbia’s capital with all the main cities of Europe, by daily, as well as overnight trains. Remember to check if you can get commercial discounts such as: Inter Rail, Euro Domino, Railplus, Balkan Flexipass, Easy Travel Card, Euro 26, City Star and the Unified Balkans Tariff.

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